Early Dirk or Dagger
Early Dirk or Dagger 1790's. Sterling silver handle and guard. Very early style. Blade is 5 1/4", overall length is knife is 8 1/2".
$ 425.00
Bowie Knife
Civil War or PreWar Bowie. German silver cutlery handle and guard. Blade is 7", overall length of knife is 12". Great knife and sheath. Leather sheath fits blade perfectly,...
$ 1075.00
Large Bowie, W/ Id - J. T. Dyer 1866 with Ivory Handle
Large Bowie, Made from 1840 Sabre blade Inscribed on handle J. T. Dyer R.A, 1866 AR. Handle is two pieces of ivory, there are shinkage cracks around the copper or brass rivits,...
$ 0.00
Etched Sheffield Bowie
Beautiful condition etched Bowie with cutlery handle. Overall length is 12 1/2", with almost 7" blade. "To the Hilt" is etched on the blade. Has large nickle...
$ 1800.00
Manson Sheffield Bowie
please call shop , or 870-665-1915cell# ,Great old Bowie with 6 1/2" spearpoint blade. Overall length is 11", leather sheath is in nice condition with copper rivetts on...
$ 675.00