J. and F. Garrett Single Shot Pistol Confederate .54 cal.
This Attractive Brass Framed Percussion Single Shot Pistol Attributed to J. and F. Garrett of Greensboro N.C. manufactured 1862-63, the SN 321 is stamped on the inside of sideplate, inside frame + on the bottom of barrel. The original Walnut Grips are smooth, the brass has a nice color, the barrel + other parts are a medium gray color,the front site has been fine tuned a bit by shortning it in length + making it flat on the rear - the soldier that owned it meant business, the trigger guard was replaced,has a nice style, probably an arsenal replacement, the hammer face + comb have been repaired, by brazeing, possibly at the same time as trigger guard was replaced . This is one of the more affordable Confederate made pistols, with a total quantity of 500 also a rare piece.