Old Stoneware Whiskey Jug Cairo ILL 11 1/4" tall
This is an original old whiskey jug with G.P. Crabtree 708 Commercial Ave. Cairo, ILL stenciled on the front (there is some interesting history about G.P. Crabtree on the internet involving a murder). Jug is about 11 1/4" tall and 7 1/4" in diameter. Judging from the condition of the jug it probably came out of a cistern or well. It displays well, there are some small cracks or fractures around the top, one hole on top (see pic) another small hole in bottom (see pic), there are some cracks or fractures on bottom but feels solid. There is a crack running down the back side and onto the bottom. I would describe this as a dug relic jug that displays well and has seen a lot of dinking!!