Confederate Powder Horn Lewis G Brewer 9th Ark Battle Lines Port Hudson 1863

This old powder horn has the Battle Lines of 1st Ark Batt, Port Hudson, Louisiana May 27 1863  which was the date of the first Union charge that failed,  the name L. G. Brewer - the owner is carved on one side, Lewis G. Brewer was a member of the 9th Arkansas from Pine Bluff Ark . He enlisted Aug 1st 1861 Co F 1st Battalion Ark listed as a Private , and then a Corporal, was in the Corinth Campaign 1861 was captured at Port Hudson . This horn is in nice Condition with a few age cracks from 149 years shrinkage. The detail of his carving is neat, the logs or planks in the fortress, the 2 Confederate Cannons, there are sprigs of grass around the walls and Cannon mounts, It gives the details of the Enemy lines 2 64 pd's 4 gun Batry 2 Mortars Pits then 4 Gunn Batry. There is a decorative panel carved With L. G  Brewer, The top of the L and G have a lot of wear , but you can still see enough to know thats what the letters are.There were a lot of carved horns from Port Hudson, but not many were shaped ( flattened or shaped by steaming or boiling like the Revolutionary War ones were done )  it has a Nice carved wooden plug, with wood screw to attach a carry strap, It measures about 9" long 3 " wide. This Item has been looked at by some of the top appraisers and collectors, there is no doubt of its authenticity as with all of the Confederate and othe Antique Weapons I deal with,  it will have a Lifetime Garuantee of that. This is a neat piece of History