Griswold pistol serial #1433
Griswold pistol serial #1433, lovely patina on the uncleaned brass, edges are sharp, most safety pins intact. Has proper twist lines in barrel and cylinder, all screws and internal parts are original. This revolver is properly marked with secondary serial #23 on wedge, loading apparatus + roman numerals on frame, backstrap and trigger guard. This revolver locks up nice and tight, has very little wear. Purchased straight from the family of Abram B. Keller, Sergeant, Company K, 37th Regiment Virginia Infantry, Confederate States Army. Captured March 23, 1862, at Winchester, released and re-enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant, Company H, 23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry, C.S.A. Captured a second time September 19, 1864 at Winchester, Virginia. He was then released June 17, 1865, on taking the Oath of Allegiance, returning home with this revolver. Married in 1870, had 9 children and remained in Abingdon, Virginia until his death July 16, 1918. Samuel Griswold established Griswoldville nine miles south of Macon, Georgia in 1835, setting up a cotton gin, foundry, planing mill, saw mill, gristmill, soap and candle factory and a post office. When the South was invaded in 1861, Sam began making pikes for the Georgia Government, then one of the most famous and cherished Confederate handguns, the Griswold. This was also known as the The Griswold and Grier, Griswold and Gunnison, and The Griswoldville Revolver. Griswold and Gunnison produced over 3,600 revolvers on the Colt’s pattern from July of 1862 until November 22, 1864, when the factory was destroyed by Yankee cavalry. Their brass-framed revolvers are one of the most sought after handguns in the world today.