1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

This old trapdoor is in pretty decent shape , All markings nice and clear, the action works crisply, the metal is mostly smooth, lots of Case Hardning on inside of Breech Door, a little next to firing pin hump on exterior, light traces of blue on triggerguard larger amount of dull blue on Hammer , and a little on  the barrel bands, the rear sight is nice, springs tight, elavation slide nice and tight  Proof marks on barrel nice and clear, barrel color faded to  mostly a smooth brown mixed with blue and grayish metal,  the buttplate is mostly smooth a little roughness where it would sit on the ground, swivels all move freely ,  Serial # is 271195 putting the manufacturing date at 1884, which is nice and clear in the cartouche along with the Initials. The P proof at rear of triggerguard is clear also. The wood is a pleasing color with the years of light handling marks, none very bad, the worst up around the front band and nose cap, no cracks,  a few specks of white paint here and there from that sloppy house painter. Overall a nice solid Trapdoor