Acordingto Colt Factory records this is one of one thousand 1860 Colts that Ben McCulloch ordered from Sam Colt, his letter to Colt stated he needed them to arm soldiers to defend the Texas Frontier when Union troops pulled out at the start of civil War, the first batch of 250 went by ocean shipment, when ports were closed for southern shipping the remaining 750 went by land, shipped to Kittredge and Folsom of New Orleans , a very Historic Revolver ordered by a  Very Colorful Historic Individual,  Benjamin McCulloch Born November 11, 1811 Rutherford County, Tennessee  Died March 7, 1862 (aged 50) Benton County, Arkansas  Place of burial State Cemetery in Austin, Texas  Allegiance Republic of Texas Confederate States of America  Service/branch Republic of Texas Texas State Militia Confederate States Army  Years of service 1835–1836; 1840–1845 (Texas Army) 1846–1847 (Texas Militia) 1861–1862 (CSA)  Rank Union army  First Lieutenant (Texas Army) Union army maj gen rank Major General (Texas Militia) Confederate States of America  Brigadier General (CSA)  Battles/wars Texas Revolution Mexican-American War American Civil War  Benjamin McCulloch (November 11, 1811–March 7, 1862) was a soldier in the Texas Revolution, a Texas Ranger, a major general in the Texas militia and thereafter a major in the United States Army (United States Volunteers) during the Mexican-American War, a U.S. marshal, and a brigadier general in the army of the Confederate States during the American Civil War  

This Revolver has a dark patina, very orange tint to the brass trigger guard, has seen some use, but still tight action, all matching , serial 4624                 

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