Old Clown Shoes

Clown Shoes, oddest thing to run across, when first seen them figured they were 1950's from the heels  that were applied, then noticed they were oak pegged instead of sewn on soles, would think they were pre , or early 1900, possibly union army issue.  spring wire was inserted and attached from toe to front base of heel, so the clown could bounce them, there was a big toe size dot applied over the big toe area on each shoe,  finally noticed they were not even a matching pair as they had different seams on the back. one had a cloth lining, they must have pulled them from a group of shoes, from the circus. found a very similar pair on the net, saying " these have got to be the oldest clown shoes I've ever seen "  I had csi miami check them and there were traces of elephant dna on the bottom of shoes, I know some dealers these would look great on.

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