Now this is a rare sword, a Hyde & Goodrich Foot Officers sword, the information that is listed in William A. Albaugh III is that the firm was located at 15 Chartres, New Orleans, Louisiana, the firm of Hyde & Goodrich was in operation as far back as 1853, Principals were: William M. Goodrich, A.L.Hyde. There were sellouts + turnovers of the company + this pair were the Principals only briefly. The factory and foundry was located at Canal and Royal Streets. This sword is in very nice condition, it has 100% of the original leather on the grip, + all the wire, the two piece pommel cap has a nice patina, with gilt in protected areas, the guard has a lot of gilt around the floral work + on the underneath + in the lines that run around the outer edges, it also has the usual seam at the back where it is soldered together. The 29+3/4" blade is clearly marked " HYDE & GOODRICH " in a semi circle over " NEW ORLEANS ". The blade has an attractive dark gray surface, with light pitting in some places , still has some of the cross polish marks on the riccaso. The scabbard has a seam on the backside, with brass mounts, the upper mount has very minor amounts of gilt in the file marks + protected areas around the band, same as the middle mount , there may be a small amount of gilt on the bottom mount where the drag is connected. the lower mount has some small dings + lines where it was straightened at one time, years ago , it could be smoothed out a lot more than it is , if one desired. Leather of the scabbard is solid with some cracking to the surface, mainly between the lower mounts, still has some shinny surface between the upper mounts, the seam is open the length of the scabbard , but stays closed + looks okay. Overall the sword is in very nice condition, + this maker does not come along very often.It comes with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity