1873 45-70 Trapdoor Carbine pre-Custer

1873 45-70 Trapdoor Carbine pre-Custer, serial # 34517, has a three click tumbler, metal mostly smooth, barrel gray with a few brown sploches, nice shinney bore with a little area of roughness about 4 to 6" from muzzle, band + spring blue with a little wear, rear sight blue, base graduated to 800 yards, sight leaf to 1500. Reciever is smooth, with a dark motly gray case color, the door, latch , lock + hammer, a nice smooth blue, with very, very minor dings + some grunge. Ribbed trigger, trigger guard + plate 40 to 50% blue , sling bar + ring nice + smooth 25 to 40% blue. Buttplate with door for cleaning rod set , has some minor abraisions, mostly dark with 80% blue. All the metal surfaces will clean + oil up to look much better, the stock is solid with no cracks ,mostly smooth with a nice patina, good color on the front end, the rear is turned a little dark, with a few minor dings,two longer scratches on left side of butt + a few specks + sploches of paint, probably moved it with paint on their hands while repainting a room, looks like a drop of varnish hit one spot + the wood around it - turned darker with time ( see pic's ) stock has cavity for cleaning rod set in rear , same as the metal, the stock could use a good cleaning + would look considerably better, some people prefer to leave it as is, so I'll leave that up to the new owner . I try to describe our guns as accurately as possible + usualy make the condition not sound as good as it is. Please call or email if you have any questions