COLT MODEL 1860 FLUTED CYLINDER ARMY REVOLVER IDENTIFIED BY COLT FACTORY LETTER AS BEING 1 OF 160 COLT REVOLVERS ORDERED BY CONFEDERATE MAJ. GEN. WILLIAM THOMPSON MARTIN OF NATCHEZ, THE HIGHEST RANKING CONFEDERATE OFFICER of MISSISSIPPI . An exceptional and rare fluted Colt Army indisputably shipped to General William T. Martin ,of Natchez Mississippi on January 17, 1861. ser. 1652, identified by Colt factory letter . There were 160 guns in this shipment, along with 80 holsters, 80 attachable shoulder stocks, and 80 flasks. William Thompson Martin served before the War as First Lt. of the Natchez Guards. When the War opened, he organized and was elected Captain of the Adams Troop of Cavalry. The Adams Troop was made up of some of the wealthiest men of Adams county. They purchased the finest weapons (special made Colts) and equipment. Each man had two fine horses and brand new uniforms. Before war broke out W.T. Martin traveled to Washington to see if war was imminent , he then headed North to procure arms for his Troop. After firing on Fort Sumter, Cpt. Martin and his Troop chartered a steamboat to Memphis, TN, where they boarded a train bound for Richmond. Upon arrival at Richmond, the Adams Troop was joined by the Virginia Company (almost as splendid as the Adams Troop). On Oct. 24, 1861, Martin was promoted to Major and given command of this company commonly known as the "Brag company of the South". Major Martin and his men were baptized with fire at the Battle of Seven Pines and under General J.B. Stewart, was incorporated into the famous Jeff Davis Legion. In the latter part of 1861, he was promoted to Lt. Colonel. The Jeff Davis Legion, as part of Stewart’s cavalry saw extensive action at the Battle of Williamsburg, and many other skirmishes during May 1862. On June 12-15, 1862, Stewart made his famous ride around McClellan’s army. General Stewart hand-picked 1200 men and officers to accompany him on this ride. They included the 9th VA Cav., Col. W.H.F. Lee, the 1st VA Cav, Col. Fitzhugh Lee and the Jeff Davis Legion, Lt. Col. W.T. Martin. The Legion fought in the Seven Days Battle and was with Lee’s army when he forced McClellan’s army off the pennensula and saved Richmond. On Sept. 17, 1862, the bloodiest day of the war was fought at Antietam, Lt. Col. Martin was personal aide to Gen. Robert E. Lee during this battle. The Legion attacked U.S. Gen Abner Doubleday and his 30 guns capturing the cannons and their gunners. The Legion held the left flank supported by Gen. Early’s division. Due to his courage under fire and leadership ability, on Jan. 3rd, 1863, Martin was promoted to Brigadier General and transferred to the western front and given a cavalry division under Gen. "Fighting Joe" Wheeler as part of Bragg’s army of the Tennessee. The Jeff Davis Legion went on to fight in many of the most famous battles of the Civil War, including: Brandy Station (June 9, 1863) Upperville (June 21, 1863) Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863) Bristoe Campaign (October 1863) Mine Run Campaign (November-December 1863) The Wilderness (May 5-6, 1864) Spotsylvania Court House (May 8-21, 1864) North Anna (May 23-26, 1864) Cold Harbor (June 1-3, 1864) Petersburg Siege (June 1864-April 1865) Williamsburg Road (October 27, 1864) and the Carolinas Campaign (February-April 1865). This revolver ser # 1652 would have been carried by one of the Adams Troop + carried in the listed engagements. They aways say " if this old gun could talk" well this one has a good story, + Colt's Factory Letter backs it up. This revolver is in nice condition 8" Barrel, " ADDRESS SAML COLT HARTFORD CT " barrel address is good, all of the serial numbers match, the revolver is in good working order, would still shoot, "COLT"S PATENT" on frame is a little weak, gray metal mostly smooth, with a few dings + light surface irritation, Woode grips nice + full with no loss at the heel or toe, a few light dings , + scratches, a pleasant looking gun