Japanse NCO sword WW2 Nice Original
This is a real Japanese NCO sword. WW2 Original sword, no repro or fake. Blade length 26+1/4" sword 36+1/2" in the scabbard 37+7/8". Bought from the Vet that brought it back. Nice untouched condition, has some wear from usage, aluminum handle has about 80% + paint some worn some flaked, 85 to 90% original paint on scabbard , numbers on scabbard are old overstamped with matching dies, do not match the # r's on sword, close but not exact, still the sword + scabbard have the same age look + came together, may be an original mismatch. Blade has nice polish, had an old coat of grease on it when I purchased it, when removed it had a few areas of very light pitting, looks alot worse in my photos than it does with the naked eye. Call for price or make me an offer.