Colt Single Action .45 Civilian mfg Nov 1875
This is a neat revolver, 7+1/2" barrel, this old gun has been used just a little, hardly any wear, grips nice + full, areas of varnish still present, a few small dings on...
$ 0.00
State of Minnesota Police Badge #87
Vintage State of Minnesota Police Badge, says Officer Abbott, Northwestern 87. Measures 2 1/4" X 3 1/4".
$ 75.00
State of Tennessee Deputy Sheriff Badge
Authentic State of Tennessee Deputy Sheriff badge, Tipton County. 2 2/8" X 2 5/8".
$ 0.00
$ 50.00
$ 125.00
Colt 22 Lightning Rifle Butt Stock
Colt 22 Lightning Rifle Butt Stock with original Colt butt plate. This came out of an old gun shop and had been sitting on the shelf for years. This butt stock has some small...
$ 0.00
Stoneware Whiskey Jug Red Bank NJ C.F. Holmes
Jug is in very good orginal condition, free of cracks or chips. C F Holmes, Jr. 26 Broad Street, Red Bank, N.J., jug measures about 11 1/2" tall and the bottom is 7" in diameter...
$ 225.00

$ 0.00
.36 Cal Double Barrel Percussion Rifle
Nice old double Barreled Rifle .36 cal very nice engraveing, notice the screws that hold the patch box have never been turned as the engraving matches perfectly, german silver...
$ 0.00
German Mauser Model HSc WW 2 Low Screw .32 Rare
Full production of the Mauser Model HSc began in December 1940. HSc stands for Hahn Selbstspanner Pistole. Mauser-Werke began production at serial #700001, this is #700236. ...
$ 0.00
World War II US Army Signal Corps PG-102/CB Pigeon Carrier
This is a World War II US Army Signal Corps PG-102/CB two-bird pigeon carrier. This carrier was used to transport pigeons during WWII. The top opens up to a compartment for...
$ 0.00
Royal Doulton Toby Mug
This is a great old Royal Doulton Bacchus Toby Pitcher dated 1958, D 6499. This is in excellent condition free of any nicks, chips, cracks or crazing. Pitcher measures 7 1/2"...
$ 100.00
R.P. Webb Co. Monroe LA Whiskey Jug
This is a great old two tone brown whiskey jug stamped R.P. Webb Co., Limited Wholesale Liquors, Monroe LA. This jug dates to the late 1800's and is in excellent condition,...
$ 0.00
Haxstun, Ottman & Co. 3 gal Whiskey Jug
This is a beautiful 3 gal whiskey jug stamped Haxstun, Ottman & Co., Fort Edward N.Y. Jug dates in the mid to late 1800's, stands 16" tall and has a nice cobalt...
$ 0.00
Ned Buntline New Frontier SAA Colt Commemorative
This Ned Buntline Colt Commmemorative is a New Frontier Single Action Army Buntline chambered for a .45 Long Colt cartridge. High ramped front sight on the 12 inch barrel with the...
$ 0.00
1st Model Griswold Confederate Revolver
1st Model Griswold Revolver serial " 794 " this piece has nice patina, a good angle of the gripstraps, makes it point to target more naturaly. The low serial number...
$ 0.00
Arkadelphia Arkansas Mfg Confederate Rifle
These rifles were built in Arkadelphia Arkansas, 1863 just before the arsenal was moved to Tyler Texas. Of about 41 rifles produced , this is the only one to be found complete, ...
$ 0.00
Illuminated Jeweler's Loupe
10x Jeweler's Loupe w/ LED Light. Another enhanced feature for magnifiers! Very nice and shows up items very well! Strong 10x power. It has a ''push'' switch to turn on / off. ...
$ 10.00
Fighting Knife
Very well made knife, handle made of two pieces of wood that appear to be walnut, seam is barley visible, two brass rivets secure the handle to the knife. Iron guard, nice...
$ 375.00