Ned Buntline New Frontier SAA Colt Commemorative
This Ned Buntline Colt Commmemorative is a New Frontier Single Action Army Buntline chambered for a .45 Long Colt cartridge. High ramped front sight on the 12 inch barrel with the...
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1st Model Griswold Confederate Revolver
1st Model Griswold Revolver serial " 794 " this piece has nice patina, a good angle of the gripstraps, makes it point to target more naturaly. The low serial number...
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Arkadelphia Arkansas Mfg Confederate Rifle
These rifles were built in Arkadelphia Arkansas, 1863 just before the arsenal was moved to Tyler Texas. Of about 41 rifles produced , this is the only one to be found complete, ...
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Illuminated Jeweler's Loupe
10x Jeweler's Loupe w/ LED Light. Another enhanced feature for magnifiers! Very nice and shows up items very well! Strong 10x power. It has a ''push'' switch to turn on / off. ...
$ 10.00
Fighting Knife
Very well made knife, handle made of two pieces of wood that appear to be walnut, seam is barley visible, two brass rivets secure the handle to the knife. Iron guard, nice...
$ 375.00
Nice Bowie with sheath
Well used blade has pitts on surface and a nice heavy patina. Some old polished smooth surface showing through. Has a brass ferruel at base of wooden handle. Blade is a little...
$ 475.00
Early Dirk or Dagger
Early Dirk or Dagger 1790's. Sterling silver handle and guard. Very early style. Blade is 5 1/4", overall length is knife is 8 1/2".
$ 425.00
Bowie Knife
Civil War or PreWar Bowie. German silver cutlery handle and guard. Blade is 7", overall length of knife is 12". Great knife and sheath. Leather sheath fits blade perfectly,...
$ 1075.00
Carved Cane W/ Snake Lookout Mountain
Carved Cane W/ Snake Lookout Mountain
$ 275.00
Large Bowie, W/ Id - J. T. Dyer 1866 with Ivory Handle
Large Bowie, Made from 1840 Sabre blade Inscribed on handle J. T. Dyer R.A, 1866 AR. Handle is two pieces of ivory, there are shinkage cracks around the copper or brass rivits,...
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Marsh Bros. & Co. Pends Works Sheffield Bowie Knife
Marsh Bros. & Co. Pends Works Sheffield Bowie Knife 4+1/2" Blade 8+1/2" overall length, Horn scales held on with 3 pins decorated with 3 round pearl inserts, on...
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Japanese Parade Dress Sabre - Sword
Japanese Parade Dress Sabre - Sword, superceded the Model 1873 Dress Sabre, has plated blade with etched hamon line, there is flaking in the plating of blade, the brass guard +...
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Old Advertising Mini Jug s Whisky Jug s Saloon Items
Around the turn of the century There were alot of Old Advertising Mini Jug s Whisky Jug s Mercantile Store + Saloon Items . Then older Colbalt Decorated Crocks + Jugs. Old...
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1877 Pattern Japanese Cavalry Troopers Sword
( I tried to answer an email from a Mr L Hollan it was returned please resend your email address as I had more info for you. )1877 or 1899, Military...
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Colt 1911 .45 Auto Mississippi 1817 to 1982 SPECIAL EDITION 1 of 200
Colt 1911 Government Model .45 Auto, State of Mississippi , "VIRTUTE ET ARMS" with the outline of the state of Mississippi ,on the left Custom grip panel .1817 to 1982...
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Chief Auxiliary Police Badge , Forest Park Illinois , Mayor Tom Collis Jr.
Chief Auxiliary Police Badge , Forest Park Illinois Given by Mayor Tom Collis Jr. to his Friend Edgar Erven, during WWII " To My Friend Edgar Erven Ours for Victory"
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Nashville Tennessee Police Badge # 2 + Image of Policeman
Nashville Tennessee Police Badge # 2 + Image of Policeman
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Deputy Sheriff Badge Pennsylvania
Deputy Sheriff 's Badge Pennsylvania, this badge dates to the early 1900's, nice condition with original pin + latch.
$ 325.00