Confederate D Guard
This D guard has a 9+1/2" blade,14+1/2 overall, handle length isalmost 4+1/2". My hand fits with room to spare. The wooden handle is capped with iron ferruls on both...
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A. W. Spies Deringer
A. W. Spies , New York, listed as Agent's for Henry Deringer . This Deringer has early features, small bag shaped butt, no cap box or tear drop shaped eschution, the forward...
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Confederate D Guard
This one is like a meat cleaver, it weighs 2 lbs, the spine of blade measures 1/4" thick,till about 3" from the tip. 14+ 1/2" long blade, 19" overall. Guard...
$ 2850.00
1827 Springfield conversion .69 cal Nice
1827 Springfield conversion .69 cal, matching dates, date on barrel weak but there,great condition, Nice stock, good solid musket, crisp action , metal surfaces smooth, some...
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Whitney Navy .36 Cal., 6 shot, 2nd Model, 3rd Type
This is a Whitney Navy .36 Cal., 6 shot, 2nd Model, 3rd Type. Made in the late 1850's to early 1860's. Saftey notches on back of cylinder. Wedge type lever catch. Barrel, lever...
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Japanese Naval Sword
This is a Vet bringback, very late war it is in great condition - virtually no wear to the blade or gilt on the fittings, the black lacquer sheath has a few very small light...
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1860 Colt Fluted Army Confederate used
This Historic Old Colt # 2787 was one of 1000 that Ben McCulloch, Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, United States marshal, and brigadier general in the Army of the Confederate States...
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1st model Virginia Cavalry sabre, modified for Civil War use
From 1804 to about 1814 Virginia manufactured 3 different cav sabres , during the civil war they modified some of them. This sword has a 1st Model hilt with a nice condition 3rd...
$ 4600.00
Boyle & Gamble Flat side Cavalry Sabre
Boyle & Gamble Flat sided Cav Sabre, This is the nicest one I've had, the blade still has lots of original polish, the brass has a nice rough sandcast finish with no wear, the...
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Etched Sheffield Bowie
Beautiful condition etched Bowie with cutlery handle. Overall length is 12 1/2", with almost 7" blade. "To the Hilt" is etched on the blade. Has large nickle...
$ 1800.00
Pedernales point - Material Edwards Plateau Chert
Pedernales point 4.5 inches. Material Edwards Plateau Chert. Texas County Unknown. Very fine and large for the type. No damage. Has colichie deposits.
$ 650.00
Nice Pedernales point origin Texas
Nice Pedernales point Texas County Unknown. A little thick but classic shape with good color.. 3 5/8 inches long
$ 350.00
Fine knife point Kinney type from Texas
Fine knife 3 1/8 inches . This is a very thin knife possibly a Kinney type also from Texas. Nice color with classic shape.
$ 250.00
Haley Complicated Incised
Very nice, sharp edges, 5 + 1/4 x 5 + 1/2, has minor rim repair, Hardley noticable stress crack on side, doesn't show up in picture.A quality piece, from Miller Co. Arkansas
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1862 Richmond Confederate Rifle altered to 2 Band Still Rifled
1862 untouched Richmond attic or barn condition came out of Oklahoma cut back to a 30" barrel 2 band. Notice nice dovetail front sight punch dots that held rear sight in place are...
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Western Rawhide Holster
This is a very nicely tooled Rawhide laced holster, the leather is in very good condition, nicely done tooling,has Nickle steel buckle, not sure about period of manufacture, but...
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Manson Sheffield Bowie
please call shop , or 870-665-1915cell# ,Great old Bowie with 6 1/2" spearpoint blade. Overall length is 11", leather sheath is in nice condition with copper rivetts on...
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Now this is a rare sword, a Hyde & Goodrich Foot Officers sword, the information that is listed in William A. Albaugh III is that the firm was located at 15 Chartres, New...
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Cavalry Officer's Sabre
Cavalry Officer's Sabre
This is a nice import sabre, Solingen, heavy made, still has a lot of gilt on the guard + pommel,nice- 100% fish skin + wire on the grip, the blade has all of the etching visible,...
$ 3450.00
Nickel Silver Saw Handle Pistol
Nickel silver frame, single shot, saw handle pistol with belt hook. Nice engraved frame, spur trigger guard and handle. 5 1/4" Damascus barrel, 50 cal. marked Manton & Son...
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