Past Listings

D Guard Bowie Angled Guard

Angled Guard Bowie, double edge blade
Colt Single Action .45 Civilian mfg Nov 1875

Nice condition old Colt, traces of blue in protected areas.
State of Tennessee Deputy Sheriff Badge
Colt 22 Lightning Rifle Butt Stock
Stoneware Whiskey Jug Red Bank NJ C.F. Holmes
.36 Cal Double Barrel Percussion Rifle

.36 Cal Double Percussion Rifle Lovely Condition
German Mauser Model HSc WW 2 Low Screw .32 Rare

Mauser Model HSc serial #700236, LGS WW 2 Low Screw .32 Rare, possibly the lowest serial # known
World War II US Army Signal Corps PG-102/CB Pigeon Carrier

World War II US Army Signal Corps PG-102/CB two bird pigeon carrier.
R.P. Webb Co. Monroe LA Whiskey Jug

R.P. Webb Co. , Limited Wholesale Liquors, Monroe LA Whiskey Jug
Haxstun, Ottman & Co. 3 gal Whiskey Jug

Cobalt Blue 3 gal whiskey jug, Haxstun, Ottman & Co.
Ned Buntline New Frontier SAA Colt Commemorative

Ned Buntline New Frontier SAA Colt Commemorative, Nickle Plated, Serial # NB2955
1st Model Griswold Confederate Revolver

1st Model Griswold Revolver Nice Patina, early Confederate Made Civil War Revolver.
Arkadelphia Arkansas Mfg Confederate Rifle

Arkadelphia Rifle 1 of 41 Mfg.
Fighting Knife

Clip Point Fighting Knife, 6 3/4" blade