Confederate D Guard Sword - Hanger
Confederate D Guard Sword - Hanger this one has a 24" blade,still has sharp edge, nicely shaped guard, heavy patina on blade and guard. Slabed pine handles, with crude CSA...
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Confederate used 1864 Springfield 2 band Rifle
This old rifle came out of South Arkansas, picked up at a gunshow in a small town , along with a cavalry sabre, the man that sold it said it was his Confederate...
$ 875.00
Pair of old swords, these are of the 1840 NCO style that evolved into the Masonic sword. One has a 27 3/4" blade with an overall length of 34 1/2", the other has a...
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Original, Antique 1921 Ferdinand Strauss Jazzbo Jim The Dancer on the Roof Tin Litho Windup Toy. This toy is original, complete and in working condition. . The toy works great...
$ 0.00
SAVAGE 24c Series P 20 gauge .22 O/U

Nice condition , lovely Case Colors, this piece has been stored for many years, was used very little

$ 0.00
Japanese Matchlock
Lovely Old Matchlock, Nicely decorated Stock and Barrel Lock functions well,Lovely wooden stock, well decorated with circle of war hammers, Dragon, Family Mon, and several other...
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1873 Winchester 38-40 Rifle
Neat old 1873 Winchester 38-40 Rifle ser 265691B . Decent bore in the 28" Barrel, and action works smoothly, springs hold the lever up nice and tight, should still shoot OK, or...
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Colt Walker Flask

Rare Colt Walker Flask, WAT inspected, P inspectors mark, still has some of the coppering finish

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Virginia Manufactory Cav Sabre
These are neat old sabres, Virginia Manufactory Cav Sabre 3rd Model, with original scabbard.Made around 200 years ago, an American made Sabre from Old Virginia. This one has a...
$ 3200.00
Collier's Photographic History of World War II
A collection of articles and photographs (both b&w and color) on the United States involvement in World War II. Includes photographs of President Roosevelt, assorted military...
$ 50.00
1878 Colt .45 Double Action Revolver 45
This is a 1878 Colt .45 Double Action Revolver with a mfg date of 1891. Barrel is 4 3/4". The trigger, hammer and screws are blued. Old re-nickle. Action works, cylinder is a...
$ 750.00
Raven Arms .25 Auto with Box
This is a Raven Arms .25 Semi-Auto. Pistol is plated, has simulated pearl grips, looks like it has been fired a little. Made in USA, Baldwin Park California. Comes with the box...
$ 150.00
English Made Single Shot Percussion Pistol
This is an English Made Single Shot Percussion Pistol. Pistol has a compartment in butt for caps, nickle silver trigger guard and fittings. Bore is about a 40 cal. 5" barrel...
$ 0.00
High Standard 22 LR Double Barrel Derringer w/ Holster
This is a High Standard 22 Long Rifle Double Barrel Derringer with a leather holster. This pistol has been used, has nice bores, little wear on finish of alloy frame (see pic).
$ 250.00
Model 1908 Hammerless Colt 25 Auto w/ Holster
This is a Model 1908 hammerless Colt 25 auto with a Folsom's Audley leather holster. Mfg date of 1921. Blue is worn on slide, the frame is nice, has vivid case color on...
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Original Civil War Navy Yard Artillery Fuse Pouch 1862
This is an original Civil War Artillery Fuse Pouch. The markings are good and strong (Navy Yard, Phila, 1862 & 2 stars incircled by a cartouche). There is light surface crazing in...
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Dug Rooster Neck Spurs

This is a pair of dug Civil War period Union military rooster neck spurs dug together years ago at the Union camp Bovina just outside of Vicksburg Mississippi.

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CSS Viginia Relic Bannermans
This is an end piece of armor plate from the CSS Virginia, sold by Bannemans at the turn of the last century, only one I've seen.
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